A classic timepiece for a new age...


When Chester Gould decided to bestow his dapper detective, Dick Tracy, with his first two-way wristwatch in 1947. Little did Gould know that his dream would eventually come to fruition in the form of the fabulous Martian watch. All of the Martian watches have a very classic, visible analog watch face with a small OLED display that will show many different things. It displays caller ID information, calendar reminders, and even full text messages. Martian offers several different styles to their watches. The Passport for those who like a more classic looking timepiece, the Victory for a more modern business look, and the G2G for those who like a splash of color.

All of the Martian watches will connect to your iPhone or Android phone through a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. This is great because Bluetooth 4.0 devices consume less power compared to devices using the earlier versions of Bluetooth. I was able to get three to four days of continual use - notification alerts and occasionally taking calls.

The Martian watches will also pair with a Windows 8 phone, but with very limited functionality. The only real functionality you get is placing and answering calls. The reasons for this are entirely no fault of Martian's. It's due to the lack of resources being made accessable to the watches by Windows 8 phones.

The Passport, Victory, and G2G all have a two-way speaker and microphone set that works very well with normal voice commands. Not to mention, it has the ability to utilize Siri on an iPhone or Android Voice Commands (AVC) on any Android phone. Due to this feature, I found the watch to be a great replacement for my in-car hands-free device. I also made the discovery that I didn't have to enunciate as much or speak as loud while using the Martain compared to my in-car hands-free unit.

The two button control of the watch is amazingly simple. The top button is used to answer and place calls. The bottom is used to select other features offer by the watch. There is leash feature, which causes the watch to vibrate when the Bluetooth connection has been severed. Another wonderful feature is that the watch can be used as a camera remote. The camera remote function worked well with both my Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPad mini.

One of the many things that I realized while wearing the watch is that I didn't have to worry about always having my phone in my pocket while walking around my department at work. I was able to talk with my boss two offices away and the Martian alerted me to an up coming meeting with a subtle vibration on my wrist and all without interrupting our conversation.

I believe, that if Mr. Gould were still alive today, he would be one of the first in line to purchase one of these stellar Martian watches.