Android or Apple, Your Smartphone Needs Some Manners


Tuesday - 5:00 AM - One more precious hour of sleep until the day begins.When suddenly - *ba da ba DING* - ?!?!?!Your iphone just lit up like a Christmas tree and roused you out of your slumber, with an important message -"Zynga519635874 is waiting for you in Words With Friends." NO!!!!!You know the scenario, as we've all been there, our supposed smartphones, with a lack of common courtesy, decide to wake us up for no reason or outright embarrass us in professional or social settings.

Luckily, our smartphones come equipped with apps that can handle the unwanted interruptions, with the tap of a finger.For Android, look to GooglePlay to solve your disturbing dilemma, or start with the I'm Sleeping app by by Zapek Software Engineering.With the iPhone, the latest iOS 6 has a built in Do Not Disturb feature.Both the native iOS feature and the features found in various Android apps offer similar governance over your smartphone's outbursts. You can set a time for your phone to be polite and not wake you, or annoy you with on-screen notifications and sounds.

This is fairly a basic feature, but honestly saves plenty of frustration by having some automation over silencing your device, rather than having to physically silence it with a side-button, or navigation through settings.Setting your DND schedule is as simple as placing a start and stop time in both Android and iOS. A plus to the Android software, allows for a separate "Weekend" schedule and a widget for "Nap Time."

Nap Time Widget, helps you catch a few ZZZZ'sBoth the native function on the iOS and the Android app allow for a "Whitelist" or "Favorites" support, to allow calls and messages form important contacts. In iOS, the favorites you've elected in your contacts will be used, so make sure that list is up to date. In Android, you manually add from you contacts to the apps whitelist. Both features allow a call to come through after multiple attempts. So if there is an emergency and you need to be reached, your call will come through.Both iOS and Android's support of Do Not Disturb features are nice, yet overlooked additons to your smartphone, which can save you some sleep, embarrassment, or simply help you "disconnect" for a while. Try them out, and perhaps next Sunday at church you won't start off service with your "Everyday I'm Shufflin" ringtone.