Apr. 3 Outstanding Student Athlete: Culver Academy's Ryan Coulter


The Culver Academy prep hockey team is playing in the youth national championships in Green Bay this week for the first time in program history.

For one of their leaders, Ryan Coulter, spring break was anything but relaxing. Just listen to our Outstanding Student Athlete's recent schedule.

"Hockey Friday, then we head out to Districts," he begins. "Come back, go out east for lacrosse, gone for ten days. Come back here, now I'm back at hockey. I love it though. I love keeping me busy and playing all this and being with all the guys."

Coulter is a two-sport star at Culver Academy, and right now he is double-dipping. He is a center for the Eagles hockey team and a defensive midfielder for the lacrosse squad, which is ranked No. 2 in the country.

"I'm not exactly a goal-scorer in lacrosse," Coulter says. "I think that my toughness in hockey and lacrosse translates. Just working hard and making other players around me look good I guess."

"He's got a compete-level that's unparalleled," says Culver's prep head coach Steve Palmer. "He's fearless and he competes so hard. I think that shows on the lacrosse field as well as on the rink."

His future is on the ice. Coulter signed his national letter of intent to play at Bowling Green. But first he led Culver into the 16-team youth national championships.

"It's pretty surreal," Coulter says of the experience. "It's my third year here. Last year didn't make it, heartbreaker losses. It's good to finally make it, especially this group of guys I've played here my whole career with. It was just an awesome feeling."

Culver attracts talent from all over the U.S. and Canada. Take Coulter, who is from Ontario but found a perfect fit in Indiana.

"It was a culture shock for sure when I first got here," he says. "Never really been to a place like it. You kind of set it, best friendships you'll ever have. You kind of just start to enjoy all the little things this place is about and it becomes a home to you."

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