Aug. 29th Outstanding Student Athlete: Marian's Devin Cannady


Junior Devin Cannady took over quarterback duties for Marian this year, leading a 44-7 rout of DeKalb in the season opener. He ran for a pair of touchdowns and threw for two more. Later in the weekend, Cannady received his third scholarship offer -- this time from Central Michigan -- for his primary sport, basketball.

"He really has a nice touch on the ball," said head coach Reggie Glon. "A lot of it you got to credit to his basketball. He's a point guard on the basketball court, now he becomes a point guard for us out on the football field."

"Playing as many sports as possible growing up as a kid, having fun," Cannady said. "Obviously basketball has been that kind of route that can get me to college."

Cannady was in the mix for the starting QB job last year, before he suffered a wrist injury on the basketball court. This year he is set to thrive in the Knights' spread-option offense.

"Most of our run attack makes the defense step up and try and stop the run," said Cannady. "That really opens up the big pass play."

"A little less athletic quarterback is going to take a sack," Glon explained. "He was making first downs when you would have been taking sacks."

There is not much free time in a schedule that includes year-round hoops and football in the fall. But Cannady makes room for individual, 5am workouts three days a week, something he thinks will pay dividends in the postseason.

"Sectional time, faster, stronger and while people are less durable and have less stamina, I'm at the peak of my game," Cannady said.

As for the recruiting, Cannady hopes this is only the beginning of his journey.

"Finding that best fit," Cannady said of his goal in the process. "Whether it's an ACC, Big Ten school or a MAC school. Just finding the place that I can call home."

For now that home is Marian, with either a football or a basketball in his hands.

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