Chief Justice Roberts speaks at LaPorte alma mater

La Lumiere school held their graduation today and Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. made the journey from Washington D.C. to LaPorte to give the commencement speech.

In his speech, Roberts gave students tips on being friendly to everyone you meet and giving faith a chance.

Roberts talked about another famous Hoosier, Abraham Lincoln.

He told graduates that Lincoln's secret to success is persistence and determination.

Roberts who graduated from La Lumiere school in 1973 made a lasting impression on classmates and former teachers way before being nominated as chief justice of the United States in 2005.

Dave Kirkby was Robert's former teacher.

"Roberts came in the side door dressed in a bed sheet as though he was Socrates and lectured us on history of philosophy from the age of idealism to the age of existentialism," he said. "I recounted the story [ when he was nominated." "If the bell hadn't rung to end the class he could have still been speaking today."