EYE ON CANCER: IU Health Goshen takes cancer support to new level


Many patients will tell you having a strong support system is key when battling cancer.

But one area hospital is taking that support to a whole new level.IU Health Goshen's Center for Cancer Care is taking a team approach to helping you in the fight of your life.

When Ruth Brant was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, she wanted to stick with her more natural approach to life.

"I wanted to do nothing that involved chemotherapy," said Brant. "So, I suggested that to my oncologist, and she said, 'No. Without chemotherapy, you'll die.'"

So, she turned to IU Health Goshen's Center for Cancer Care and its integrative services.

It's a team effort aimed at helping you, even before your treatments begin, with natural medicines, counseling and nutrition.

One element - acupuncture.

"Our goals with patients undergoing cancer treatment are to strengthen the immune system, to help with healthy diet and lifestyle," said Emily Moore of IU Health Goshen.

About 80% of the patients who visit Goshen for cancer care decide to use the integrative services, that extra level of support that's offered there.

"We try to keep it really focused," described Moore. "A lot of the herbal or vitamins we use for our patients who are getting treatment are to help counteract the side-effects, whether that's chemotherapy or radiation."

For Ruth, it just made sense.

"She tweaked all my vitamins that I was taking and put me on a couple immune boosters to add to my regime after chemo."

It's the level of help Ruth will take with her for the rest of her life.

"I'm definitely a survivor."

Integrative services are offered to every cancer patient at IU Goshen Health Center for Cancer Care, but patients are not required to take part.