Feb. 13 Outstanding Student Athlete: SB St. Joseph's Samantha Reese


For St. Joseph senior Samantha Reese, there is no feeling like hitting the perfect dive.

"I think I love the adrenaline part of it," Reese says. "And how it's kind of dangerous.

"You can tell when you crush it. Your hands are flat, you can hear the rip sound under the water. You just smoke the dive, it's the best thing ever."

She has had plenty of those perfect dives in her career. On Tuesday she claimed her second straight Regional crown. And on Saturday she will try to improve on last year's eighth place medal at the state meet.

"I get nervous," Reese admits. "But it's like, I have to be having fun, be talking, be moving. I think that keeps me focused and relaxed so I can be able to crush my dives."

Reese was a gymnast growing up, a sport that has translated well to the pool.

"It helps so much," she says. "To be able to have that control over your body and be able to flip like that."

Next year, she will dive for Purdue in West Lafayette. But this weekend her focus is in Indianapolis for states.

"It's so exciting, there's so many people," Reese says of the Indiana University Natatorium on the campus of IUPUI. "It's such a beautiful pool. It's just crazy, it's so fun. I love it."

And she has one more set of high school dives to crush.

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