Feb. 20 Outstanding Student Athlete: Penn's Caroline Buhr


With two wins this weekend, Penn, and star senior Caroline Buhr, will be in a familiar place. Regional champions for the third time in her four years.

"She made an immediate impact when she came into our program four years ago," says Kingsmen head coach Kristi Kaniewski.

At 6'1, Buhr is a force down low for Penn (22-1). Next year, Buhr will head to California to play her college ball at Division I San Diego. She was drawn to the Toreros by their pace of play.

"Kind of like our Penn play," Buhr says. "Really up-tempo pace and they like to run the ball, get up and down the floor."

The 2,000 mile trek will include a journey on the court as well. In college Buhr will move from the post back to her natural position on the perimeter.

"I never really worked post besides when I came to high school, because obviously I'm the tallest girl," Buhr explains. "I'm really a face to the basket [player], not really a back to the basket anyways. It's kind of an adjustment when I play here to what I typically want to play."

"She has a variety of moves to be able to take someone off the dribble to get to the basket," Kaniewski says of Buhr's length and athleticism. "In college you have to honor every single person so you can't shift to give her extra help."

First though, Buhr has her eyes set on a different destination. Terre Haute for the state championship game.

"Make it all the way to state and win state," she says. "That's a goal that would be awesome to get as a senior."

Penn will host Class 4A Regionals on Saturday. The Kingsmen face Merrillville at 10:30 am. Northridge and Gary West Side meet in the second Regional semifinal.

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