Give your vehicle a voice


I am in a love / hate relationship with all of my vehicles. Seems that when one problem is fixed, another shows its ugly face. Well, maybe it's not that bad, but it is nice to have a heads up and some insight as to how your car, truck or SUV is running. Oh yea, and why not have that information sent right to your smartphone?

If you are an at-home mechanic like me, you've probably used an OBD II code reader to check for engine fault codes, and will be familiar with obtaining some of this information. If not, this is a great way to keep your vehicles performance in check.

The Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics Module offers a convenient and affordable solution to monitoring not only your car's performance, such as engine faults, but can track where your car has been and even replace your key FOB for remote entry and start.

Setup is fairly straight-forward, but be forewarned, some vehicle are not compatible and not all features are available for every vehicle. Of my two SUV's, the one of Asian heritage was compatible and had the correct OBDII port, while the other vehicle of European descent was not supported. Now, even though my vehicle was compatible, I was not able to enjoy all of the features such as key FOB replacement and remote start.

After a brief couple minutes of button presses, flashing lights, and power cycling the vehicle, I was ready to go. I could view trouble codes from the engine and clear them. I could also set up alerts for such events. The best part, but sort of Big Brother-esque, was being able to track my vehicle's whereabouts and even set of geo-fencing to trigger alerts if my SUV was driven beyond certain areas. I can see the benefit for parents of new drivers in installing this to monitor how much your teen commutes, and to keep them close to home. For me, it was nice or sort of wrenching to see how much I drive in a day.

All around, this is a cool tech gadget, and ads an additional level of awareness of you vehicle's performance, and if applicable, control over your car via smartphone app. At the price of $249.99 (plus monthly service and activation) this could save you some cash when it comes to vehicle maintenance, but check compatibility first, here.

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics Module product page.