Muffet McGraw treated to a round at Augusta National


Ask any golfer if they could play one course in the whole world, which one would they choose? Chances are, many would say Augusta National.

It's iconic. Exclusive. Immaculate. For most golfers, it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Muffet McGraw got that opportunity this week.

"It was so amazing. It was like Christmas Day. We couldn't wait to get up and open the present the next morning." That present, was a round of golf at Augusta National Golf Club. Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw and her husband Matt took their first trip down Magnolia Lane this week. They almost didn't make it down the famous drive."We were so anxious to look around and see things that we went right by security," McGraw laughs. "There wasn't a gate. There was a guard who chased us down the road from behind, so we didn't make a great first impression."But Augusta made a great impression on the McGraws. They stayed in a cabin overlooking the 10th fairway. Took in the history of the club. "We saw the champions locker room. The green jackets." And on Monday morning, a round of golf. Muffet's favorite place on the course? "When we got to Amen Corner. That's a famous spot for me. I've heard so much about it. And to get over the water (on the par-3 12th hole) in one shot I was so elated. So I took the picture with a big smile on the bridge."Around every corner... Reminders of exactly where they were. From the pristine fairways and the Masters scoreboard which was still up. Even the caddies in their famous white uniforms."That was one of the neatest parts.And what would a vacation be without a few souvenirs."in the cabin I was collecting everything that wasn't nailed down that said 'Augusta' on it. I've got matchbooks, pencils, notepads. A whole suitcase full of stuff. I was hoping they wouldn't stop me on the way out." All in all, the McGraws say the trip to Augusta was everything they expected and more."Just walking the fairways, looking around. I was like, 'Pinch me! I can't believe we're here'.""I'd definitely go back."