Notre Dame vs. Michigan State


Paul. A big rivalry tomorrow:Notre Dame takes onMichigan State. The university... held a pep rally tonight... at Purcell Pavilion.Fans came out to show their support. WSBT's Rachel Lake was there...Rachel, there's a lot of historybetween these 2 teams.. There is..It's no secretthat Notre Dame has a storiedpast with Michigan State.And for some fans... A win tomorrow would be payback forsomething Michigan State did back in 2005. It's been eight years since the Spartans beat the Irish 44-41... And then to rub it in... planted their flag in the middle of Notre Dame's football field..."7:42 It wa disrespectful andit showed more about who theywere than who who we were.""9:26 I totall think that it was just not cool atall so tomorrow it's payback time and the Spartansare going to rue the day they ever planted their flag atNotre DameStadium." It's a memory still fresh in the minds of manyfans... "7:36 I wa proud of ND for how theyhandled it." And over the years, it has fueled thestoried rivalry between Notre Dame and Michigan State... ident, there'sg'snot a doubt in my mind that NDis going to roll over theSpartans." 1:52 "The Irisare gonna dominate as usual."3:53 "We'r ready for thefootball game, ready to beat theSpartans, go Irish."That confidence was also seen at a reunion dinnerfor former football players. "12:03 We pla to win and so I'm 100% confident that the guys onthe field are gonna do theirabsolute best." 14:32 "You jusdon't like to be dis-respected on your home turf and to see something like that, it needs tobe shown to the current playersand let them know that yougotta defend your field."