Nov. 7th Outstanding Student Athlete: St. Joe's Jack Turak


St. Joseph tailback Jack Turak knew he was having a good night last Friday against Sturgis. He just did not realize he had run all the way into the school record books.

"No, I had no idea," Turak says. "Coming off the field, Coach told me I had 391 yards. It didn't feel like it at all. I don't know. I was just blown away by it."

You heard that right - 391 yards on 43 carries. Both new highs in program history.

"Surprisingly, he's really humble. I don't know how," says senior tight end Connor Hubble. "If I was putting up those kind of numbers, I'd be boasting it. But he stays humble."

"He's got great balance. He runs really hard," St. Joe (9-1) head coach Gandalf Church says. "He gets hard yards; he always finishes his runs with a couple more yards. He sees the cuts really well. He's pretty experienced now, so he makes the cuts that are necessary."

Turak also had six tackles and an interception from his starting linebacker spot. The senior, with a possible future in engineering, also carries a 4.1 weighted GPA and is a member of the school's robotics team.

"It's the same team-building, but it's more mental," says Turak. "And I love that just as much as [football]."

"He doesn't make a lot of mental mistakes," Church says. "During the game, he sees things and kind of internalizes it and then reacts to it, which you can't really coach. That's sort of just natural stuff."

St. Joe would love to see similar production this Friday when it hosts rival Lakeshore. The Bears are trying to win their first district championship since 2009.

"It'd mean everything," Turak says of a district title. "That was obviously one of our goals coming into the season. This is the game."

Needless to say Turak has the Lancers' full attention.

"I'm expecting number three often," Lakeshore (7-3) head coach Denny Dock says. "This guy can really play. Got to stop him."

A task easier said than done..

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