Oct. 3rd Outstanding Student Athlete: Nappanee's Heidi Morganthaler


All season long, Heidi Morganthaler has been fueled by one motivating thought. Morganthaler just missed out on going to state last season as a junior, getting edged in the regional in a playoff.

"It was very hard," Heidi recalls. "I had a hard time afterwards accepting the fact. I wanted to be there (State) so badly. I worked so hard for it, but that played a role this year."

"It was really tough," NorthWood coach Adam Yoder adds. "One thing we talked about this year was not letting that happen again".

It didn't.

Morganthaler's senior season has been spectacular. Several individual wins, including medalist honors at the Northern Lakes Conference meet and the sectional. Last week at the regional, she not only qualified for state. She helped carry the entire NorthWood team to state for the first time ever!

"It means my hard work has finally paid off," Morganthaler says. "It's awesome I can take my team along with me, too."

The hard work has indeed paid off and not only on the golf course.

"She's a 4.0 student, #1 in her class," Yoder says. "She's a perfectionist in the classroom. She wants to make sure every little thing is right. That's kind of been a good thing for her golf game and a bad thing for her golf game. It's helped her prepare more for courses, but sometimes in golf, things don't go exactly the way you plan for them to go."

Not always. Morganthaler knows that better than most players.

"When you lose, you have to practice harder."

She did, which is precisely why she gets to tee it up for a state title.