Sept. 26th Outstanding Student Athlete: South Bend's Shaq Vann


South Bend Adams star Shaq Vann has played games as good as the one he had last Friday, just not in real life.

"Playing X-Box back at home," Vann said of his only other equally prolific performances. "It was pretty cool."

Vann put up video game-like numbers in the Eagles (3-2) 40-34 win at St. Joseph. Wearing his number 7 jersey Vann found the end zone five times and finished with more than 400 yards on the ground.

"I couldn't believe it, actually," said Vann. "I just thank my O-Line because they work so hard. It's their effort."

"Nothing that we were trying to do to try to get him a record or anything of that nature," Adams head coach Craig Redman said. "It was just what was there and using him to the best of his ability."

Through five games, Vann is already over 1,000 yards rushing for the season to go with 11 touchdowns, and he does practically everything for the Eagles.

"I've been lined up at quarterback, running back, receiver," said Vann, who was only just warming up. "I'm holder for PAT. I've been at corner, safety, linebacker and kind of a stand-up defensive end. kind of all over."

Versatility matched with production has caught the eye of college recruiters. He already has a number of offers from schools in the Mid-American Conference. Purdue and Cincinnati have shown interest, and Notre Dame made contact just this week.

Vann had an unofficial visit with the Boilermakers when they faced Notre Dame. He has an unofficial visit with the Irish coming this Saturday for the Oklahoma game.

"He's still got untouched ability, untouched talent," Redman said. "It's that drive to get better. We saw Friday night where he kind of touched on everything."

"You got to go out with a bang your senior year," said Vann. "I'm just taking it all in. I'm giving all respect to God and just having a good time."

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