South Bend councilman again stirs controversy with social media post


More controversy surrounding a South Bend Common Council member.

Just days after the Council decided not to punish Henry Davis Jr. for an obscene Facebook post, local Republicans are now expressing outrage over a post from another Twitter user that Davis retweeted.

It reads: "Maybe if they could have discovered unborn babies with shortage of brain cells you republicans could have been aborted."

According to our partners at the South Bend Tribune, Davis at first denied retweeting the comment, but later said he sends so many tweets he cannot recall every single one.

Davis also says his social media accounts are personal and not associated with his Council duties.

According to the South Bend Tribune, the tweet about Republicans was not visible on Davis' Twitter account by Thursday evening, but a Google search appears to have cached an earlier version where it did appear at, Davis' address.

So far no complaints have been filed.

You can read more about this in Lincoln Wright's report: