Stylin' With Your Stylus


Some time ago, I read an article on Huffington Post about the effects of handwriting on the brain. Turns out, your elementary school teachers weren't evil taskmasters when assigning all of those written assignments - they wanted to make you smarter! Apparently, handwriting is a complex process that develops many key areas of the brain, involving motor skills along with visual and cognitive skills.

Children throughout the decades are taught the art of handwriting to not only enable communication, but to develop many higher brain functions.

Fast forward to the digital age. The average smartphone user is not just typing, but texting at 40-50 words per minute. We are communicating at breakneck speed, and our thumbs are doing the talking. What about all of that handwriting? How can we develop our gray matter when we have auto-correct doing the work for us?

Enter the stylus - a cool way to make digital a normally analog task!

With tablets becoming the norm over typical PC usage, many people already have a device that's yearning to be written on - digitally, and without ink of course. The apps are plentiful and the styli abound, so take your pick and reignite your traditional note-taking in a modern sense.

I have found, after careful Googling and tech counsel, that the Adonit Jot Pro makes for a fine scribe. It's precise enough for the most discerning, yet handles doodling just fine, to ignite your creative prowess.

Granted, going digital doesn't improve the aesthetics of my handwriting, but it does help me remember notes and keep them well organized. Plus, it saves quite a bit of "analog" paper.