Take 2 [Beats] pills and call me in the morning


The BeatsPill takes listening to and sharing music and audio to a whole new, and modern, level. It's more than just a small, portable speaker. BeatsPill has the potential to be not only for entertainment, but used as a powerful business tool, as well.

The past twenty years have seen many tech advancements, especially in personal audio devices. The way we listen is consistently improving. From clunky, overweight boomboxes, to lean and sophisticated smartphones, However, has our listening become more personal and less social? Have we all crawled into earbud isolation, or is is still socially acceptable to openly jam?

I say we jam!

Enter the Beats by Dr. Dre BeatsPill. It's small, portable and packs an audio punch.

Meet our new music companion. In respects to portability, the BeatPill is small, but not pocket-sized. Unless you dress in tactical cargo pants daily, a purse, backpack, or briefcase would be the ideal carry method for the BeatsPill.What I cannot express in pictures is the big, full sound that the BeatsPill produces. Music sounds rich, a YouTube video has more of a theater-like appeal, and it just all out sounds awesome.

BeatsPill does everything right that a new tech device in 2013 should do. It pairs easily via Bluetooth, and is even compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication) ready devices. It charges quickly via USB 2.0, and lasts for up to 7 hours on a charge. The BeatsPill also adds an audiophile element of a line-in and line-out 3.5mm jack.

Here's where it gets interesting. The BeatsPill has an internal microphone. Yes, the BeatsPill can handle Bluetooth conference calling. This bridges the gap between being solely for entertainment and being used as a business tool. Listening to digital audio is a breeze and extremely enjoyable, while added support for conferencing and pairing with tablets makes for better presentations and communication at work.

The BeatsPill retails for $199.99 and can be purchased online and in many major electronics retailers. Check it out at Verizon Wireless to pair it up with a Bluetooth or NFC enabled smartphone or tablet.

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