Be On The Show

We do a ton of cool stuff on this show. Join us! (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

There is so much to do/see in the Seattle area - and let's be honest - sometimes we want to see regular people on TV (no offense Gaard)! Are you a fan of the show and fit any of the below criteria? Let us know - you could help us tell these stories!

Right now we are working on stories where we need:

Does the man in your life need a wardrobe intervention?
Do you love your boyfriend but loathe his choice of outfits? Would you give anything for your husband to ditch his mom jeans and get a pair that fit? Have you dropped hints that his clothes are started to look old and dated, but he's not picking up what you are throwing down? Is he still wearing his rock concert t-shirts from the 1990's? If your significant other needs a wardrobe makeover, and you are willing to tell your story on Seattle Refined, we want to hear from you.