Birmingham Police arrest 13 people during gambling bust

Birmingham Police arrest 13 people in connection with an illegal gambling operation.

Just before 5:00 PM Tuesday, Detectives were called to a home on 26th Avenue North after a neighbor complained of possible illegal gambling at the residence. When authorities arrived, they seized 30 electronic slot machines and arrested 13 people.

Police are unsure how long the illegal gambling operation has been at that location. The investigation continues and interviews are being conducted at the Birmingham City Jail.


13 people face criminal charges tonight- accused of running and participating in illegal gambling.

"It's a way to get money. Quick money," Captain Henry Irby, Birmingham Police said. The Birmingham Police Vice Narcotics unit {}started the bust just before five this evening at a home on 26th Avenue North. Officers brought out 30 illegal slot machines. Neighbors we spoke with didn't want to go on camera, but told us this street stays full of cars as people come to play electronic slot games here.{}{}{}"The ages vary," Captain Irby said. "They are all adults. We did not see any juveniles in the house itself. All adults."The 13 arrested are charged with "visiting an illegal gambling establishment." {}The owner is charged with "owning and operating an illegal gambling establishment." How long the site has been in operation is still unclear.{}Captain Henry Irby says it was a call from a concerned citizen that led to the investigation. "We received a tip," Captain Irby said. {}"We acted on that tip and it turned out to be a very good one.""We do appreciate the citizens of the city coming forward and telling us about these problems because no one knows more about what's going on in their community than the people who live there."Birmingham Police spent the evening questioning the 13 arrested. They have not yet released the suspect's identities.