Coaching with Kerry: Beating the winter blues

Has winter got you and the family going a little stir crazy?

The cold weather tends to keep us indoors, and for some parents we struggle with keeping our kids off electronics and staying sane.

Our Life Coach Kerry Geocaris gives us some ideas to fight cabin fever and keep our kids active and entertained.

"Now, the goal would be to get outside as much as possible, so when there's fresh snow and the weather permits, bundle up, get out there as a family-- maybe try a new winter sport to try and stay active.

When you can't get outside look for ways to stay active inside, so maybe that's through exercise equipment, dance parties, or maybe even making chores fun in the home.

Another thing I like to do is actually keep a bin of toys and art supplies out in the open so it invites them to use them instead of the electronics and that allows for family game time."

If you need more winter activities and ideas, Kerry has a whole list of things on her Facebook page.

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