Coaching with Kerry: Celebrating Christmas after the loss of a loved one

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The holidays can be very difficult for those who have lost a loved one, something our life coach knows very well.

WSBT 22 Life Coach, Kerry Geocaris, gives us some tips and ideas to help you joyfully grieve through the holidays and keep your loved one's memory alive.

“We need to understand that not all of us are going to grieve the same and we have to respect and honor that, especially around the holidays.

I'm somebody that likes to keep my dad's spirit alive and talk about him and bring him in to the traditions, and thankfully my family has kind of joined me in that.

We collectively have re-examined the traditions we have and decided not to carry on some of them because they're too painful.

It's not the same without my dad there, so instead we do tribute traditions that we started, where we release balloons or lanterns on holidays.

We've sent boats out to sea, we've gathered together as a family, and we've started a new tradition of making ornaments together, and we make tangible keepsakes to remember my dad. We've lit candles at the place settings at dinner to bring him at the table with us, his spirit to us.

I've purchased gifts in his honor and donated them to somebody in need, so doing things in honor of, celebrating life can really help carry you through these times and to remember that it hurts so much because we loved so much."

Kerry is passionate about focusing on celebrating life, rather than focusing on the loss.

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