Coaching with Kerry: Clearing the clutter

The season of cleaning is here.

Our life coach Kerry Geocaris is back with some fresh new tips that may explain why many people feel overwhelmed, and don't follow through with clearing the clutter.

In today's Coaching with Kerry, she explains the pain behind it all:

"So the panic you experience when you try to get rid of clutter, or or items in your life is actually very real. There are studies that show that the parts of the brain that are activated when we physically hurt ourselves when we get a cut, we get injured are the same parts that get activated when we try to get rid of items that we have an emotional attachment to, so retailers are actually really smart at people handle products, or try products out before they buy them, because you develop an emotional attachment to the products and you may find yourself spending more money, so we need to appreciate that and understand that, but then look at what are the consequences of clutter. How is it preventing me from living my life, and you'll find often that, you know, people are just moving things from room to room, um they're not connecting with their families. Your stress level, your stress hormones go up when there's clutter around you. It decreases ah productivity um, it's also gonna decrease your creativity. There's also virtual clutter. A lot of people have a lot of stuff on their desktops a lot tabs open. All of this stuff creates distraction and high stress levels and it's literally keeping people from moving forward and living their life," Geocaris says.

Kerry is sharing more tips on her Facebook page, to help get people into the cleaning mindset.

Next week she is bringing on a special guest, a professional organizer and clutter coach to help us start the process.

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