Coaching with Kerry: Fresh food vs. preservatives

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It's the perfect time to get your garden going and start thinking about getting more fresh produce.

WSBT 22 Life Coach, Kerry Geocaris, teamed up with two eighth graders who are on a mission to inspire you to think about your food choices. It's thanks to their two-and-half-year-long science project.

“We took the seven cheeseburgers and french fries and we put them in clear glass jars, and we left them uncovered for over two and a half years. So what we've noticed throughout that time, is general appearance of the cheeseburgers and french fries has not changed, but they have shrunk a little bit, and turned a little harder. We think that this is because of the preservatives in them. Specifically, one called TBHQ. The girls also made a cheeseburger from fresh ingredients, and it started to mold and rot within days and that's what real food will do,” said Catherine Goffard.

“That's the difference between whole food and processed and preserved. When we live in a society of convenience -- always on the go -- we don't really stop and think about what we're putting in our bodies. So with a little bit of education we can start making healthier decisions. It kind of makes me ask the question, why would I want to put that in my body? I have definitely been eating more fruits and vegetables, more often. I'll probably be having more of those as snacks in the future. It's definitely made me think of what kind of food that you can get and why would you get unhealthier food if you could find food that was fresh and without preservatives? We have inspired a lot of people to make healthier decisions.”

The eighth graders will be sharing their project Wednesday at Kerry's "Dine, Align, and Shine" event where she will be sharing how she and her wellness team eat their way to health.

You still have time to register for this event. You can join the livestream as well at to take part.

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