Coaching with Kerry: How to stay out of a negative social media cycle

Are you finding yourself getting caught up in negativity?

The recent political news is causing many people to feel stuck in a depressing cycle.

WSBT 22 Life Coach, Kerry Geocaris, has some insight on how to fight against it.

“We need to remember that we have a life outside our devices and our screens.

It can be very difficult when we are using technology all the time. We can find ourselves wrapped up in the negativity of it all.

When we do that, our world starts to become very small and really negative. You can find yourself in that doom and gloom mentality.

So what do we do about it?

A lot of people are starting to retreat and saying I don't want to go on social media anymore. When we do that, when we don't show up then that negativity only gets louder.

So you need to be part of the solution. What are you doing to be part of the change?

Posting positive news stories, getting back into your life and connecting with your loved ones.

Do acts of purpose.

Be part of the change that you want to see. But by silencing yourself and hiding, it only makes that negative grow louder.”

If you want more tips on this, Kerry is giving you an inside look at how she stays positive in her study break sessions.

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