Coaching with Kerry: Intuition


Do you ever second guess yourself?

Maybe struggle making decisions or beat yourself up because you didn't listen to yourself?

In today's "coaching with Kerry", our life coach Kerry Geocaris says learning to trust your gut...

and strengthen your intuition, can help you have a happier and more fulfiling life.

She is teaming up with a former client to help people get in tune with what they already know.

"We need to pay attention to our own inner guidance and intuition for a number of reasons. One, when we have that inner knowing, we just feel like something is right. We have to strengthen the skill so we can trust that judgement,” said life coach Kerry Geocaris. “Another reason is it helps us in day to day activities. Not only just following the grander scheme -- the bigger purpose in life -- but making those life decisions on a day to day basis as well.”

"For me, one of the little things that happens, and it happens to quite a few of my friends too, is when I’m driving, suddenly I’ll just know to slow down. And of course there'll be a police car a mile down the road, or maybe I would have gotten a speeding ticket? It helps with things like that,” said intuitive healer Marie Krull. “I think for moms, mothering intuition is really important, and this is a strong connection. We may have challenges like, ‘What school is best for my child to go to? What school is going to suit them?’ And you may have a choice of two. You may have pulled it back down to two. Asking your intuition with that, you'll get some advice. I use it day to day for some of my food choices, and my food selection. I was trying to gauge what is healthy for me? What works with my body? What do I like the best? So you can use it for all aspects. I chose paint color -- just different things … And you get that connection.”

Krull has free training in strengthening your intuition in Kerry's free transformer group. You can check that out by heading to

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