Coaching with Kerry: Movement


Do you find yourself saying "I don't have time to work out?" Or maybe you lack motivation and the idea of exercising is overwhelming?

In today's Coaching with Kerry, our life coach Kerry Geocaris is hoping to help change that.

She shows us simple ways to sneak movement in your day so it can be enjoyable and energizing.

"A fun and simple way is to add movement to something you're doing daily already. So while your brushing your teeth, do some squats. Maybe while you're waiting for food to cook, do some pushups against the counter, or add some fun going up and down the stairs by jumping and hopping. Use your wait times wisely. So many of say 'I don't have any time. I'm doing so much'. All those times that we're waiting for something, or someone like our kids, for their activities -- these are times we could be moving. So when you're on hold on the phone get out walking do some lunges, do some squats. Keep a bag of stock gym clothes in the car, so you can get a walk in and make the most of your time. And finally, find ways to add movement to your work, so whether that's at the office and you're taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Host a working meeting or in your yard. Grab a rake instead of the leaf blower, or you can push the lawnmower instead of ride it. There's plenty of ways to sneak in movement into the work you're doing daily," Geocaris said

Geocaris is helping clients all summer for free in her summer success series.

You can sign up anytime to get access to all kinds of tools.

This week, she is wrapping up the movement series, and tomorrow kicks off a week of advice for healthy eating.

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