Coaching with Kerry: Setting the scene

Are you getting the spring cleaning itch?

If you are our life coach, Kerry Geocaris has some tips to help you improve your mood in the process.

In today's Coaching with Kerry, she is helping us set our "SCENES" - and remove all that doesn't align with who we truly are and add things that do.

"So we have to look at our surroundings as an extension of ourselves, so often times I actually have my clients sit in the various rooms in their home, and in their office space and do an intake, an assessment and ask themselves 'is this truly me, does this reflect who I am, do I feel good in this room'. If you're in your bedroom do it promote relaxation. If you're in your living room, does it promote connection? If you are in your workout room, does it make you wanna workout? Does it motivate you to keep going? So we need to look at all these areas and often times my clients will say I don't feel good in here at all. I actually feel like guest in my own home. They're decorating it ways they feel they should. Maybe their keeping things out of obligation out of hand me downs, or they were given gifts, um the lighting in the room can affect your mood. If you're under florescent lights in your office that can, you know, produce irritability. Sometimes the paint colors, if they're dull, it's gonna, you know, lack of energy, or sometimes it can create negative energy. So these are all things we need to look at, and right now it's a great time as we get into that spring cleaning to start away that, that doesn't reflect us, and then start adding stuff that is, and often times, it's simple arrangements of the furniture, maybe adding a paint color and then adding in items that spark joy that reflect who you are and it can drastically improve your mood," Geocaris said.

Kerry has a whole lesson on this in her transformation courses.

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