Coaching with Kerry: Simply eating healthy


What do you crave when you are tired, crabby, or stressed? Chances are it's not a salad.

Many of us go for sweets or caffeine, and then we end up feeling worse.

After a 30-year battle with food and weight, our life coach Kerry Geocaris tries to make it simple for you.

"We've really made something that's very simple, very complicated, and overwhelming for people. For my personal transformation and my clients, what I found to make lasting change, I needed a few things,” said Kerry Geocaris, life coach and motivator. “One, I really needed to look at my relationship with food, and my story. How was I conditioned? What was I raised on? Why do I choose these foods over that? What is happening in my life to trigger that when I’m stressed out and upset? Why do I go for sugar? Why am I going for caffeine? Often times we are looking for that quick fix. There's chemical reactions in the brain that we need to understand that will help you in the moment choose healthier decisions. When we don't have that understanding and knowledge, we are constantly fighting these blocks. So when we have the knowledge and then we look at our life and recognize the triggers in our life, and look at the conditioning, maybe you were given sweets as a kid to make you feel better, so as an adult you're going to naturally do the same. When we look at this story, we can change it and make healthier decisions.”

Geocaris and three other experts will be sharing their stories to help you eat your way to wellness in an online program next week. It's called "Dine, Align, and Shine,” and registration is $40. You can register online at

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