Coaching with Kerry: Start being seen


Our life coach, Kerry Geocaris tries to inspire us to follow our dreams, but for many of her clients, it can be tough putting themselves out there.

That's because they struggle with confidence. There are various ways we hide ourselves.

In today's "Coaching With Kerry", she teams up with another life coach Cailin Hardy to give us some tips to help us get through our body image blocks and start being seen.

"There's various ways that we hide ourselves and our bodies. The most common ones are emotional, psychological but physical as well," said life coach Kerry Geocaris.

"The physical is the most common. Like Emily would be typical of our clients. When you first see them, layers, layers, layers. Jackets zipped right up to the neck. Scarves, handbag, dark colors. Basically, I don't want to be seen in the world. I want to hide away. Don't make it my buddy, but what we have to realize is we're creating the barriers ourselves, and others want to see us, so be seen. Take those layers off. Brighten up your wardrobe with some colors. Summer's coming, be seen. Another physical barrier we do is we hide behind the camera. We shove our children, our friends -- everyone else in front of the camera, but you need to be seen,” said Hardy. “Once you start feeling comfortable with these small things, these small changes, and you start feeling more comfortable in your skin and just start to love your body as it is, nigh."

Geocaris and Hardy have a free livestream on getting through your body image blocks. You can check out Geocaris' website at

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