Coaching with Kerry: Staying in character

I think we all can agree that we want more happiness in our life.

In today's Coaching with Kerry, our life coach Kerry Geocaris shares some simple tips to get that.

And she explains how she simplifies it for her clients to make the ride smoother.

"So many people are on this journey to find themselves, to find more happiness to reconnect with their authentic self, so what does that really mean, so in, in my courses and when I work with clients I help them reconnect with what I call your inner star, which is the person you came into the world to be, so we're suppose to be the stars of our own show, and we get disconnected from that along the way, and we want to get into more in character emotions, so you, when you're born in the world you are joyful, you're playful, your adventurous, you are excited, you had wonder, you had awe and then the learned out of character feelings are guilty, shame, anger, fear, frustration, stress-those are all things we've learned along the way, so what we want to do we want to get more happiness, we have to first identify when we're in and out of character, so we have awareness of this, and then look at what are we doing when we are in character versus out, and how do we switch that, because you can feel better by focusing on the thoughts and the actions and looking at the things of when we're in character--what do we do when we feel more joy or feel adventurous and how do we bring more of that into our life," Geocaris said.

If you want to learn how to bring more of that into your life, Kerry has a fun lesson on this and you can learn more in her coaching session next week.

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