Coaching with Kerry: Turning physical pain into emotional gain

Do you suffer from reoccurring body pain? Maybe a stiff neck, knee, or back pain?

When we are physically hurting, it can be difficult to be happy.

WSBT 22 Life Coach Kerry Geocaris, has some advice on how to turn body pain into a positive and actually use it to work for you.

“So I’m somebody that actually goes through quite a bit of reoccurring body pain. I've had physical injuries from athletics, surgeries, but sometimes the pain will come out of nowhere and it can be very debilitating. It can be very hard to move through life in a very positive way.

I've had to work on this because when my body physically hurts my mind can follow and I can go to a really negative place or I can't do anything. I'm gonna get depressed this is awful, I can't do this and it can be very difficult.

We have to look at when we are physically hurting, how the mind can take over and we have to move the mind into a more positive place, so the body can follow.

The other thing is looking at where the pain is coming, is located, because it often is tied to some sort of emotion or a thought pattern that we need to change.

When I experience pain in my knee, or in my back, or in my neck, it's usually telling me I need to challenge my thoughts and change it to a positive affirmation to heal that so I can move forward in a more, ah positive way."

Kerry references the book, "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Haye to help her go through her pain differently.

Here are some of the probable causes to the pains she experiences according to the author:

-If you have knee pain it can be the fear of moving forward, so your new thought would be "I move forward with ease"

-Back pain is often tied to financial stress - the fear of supporting yourself. So the new thought would be "I trust the process of life. I am supported."

-Neck pain often comes when you are being stubborn or refusing to see the other side. We carry our stress here. So change your thoughts to "I am at peace with life"

-Shoulders, if you are carrying the weight of the world, time to let that go and choose joy.

Kerry has an entire lesson on this and is signing people up through it next week. You can find that here:

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