Coaching with Kerry: What to do for your New Year's resolution

If you're trying to figure out what to do for your New Year's resolution or how to make the "Best of 2017" -- grab a pen and some paper.

WSBT 22 Life Coach, Kerry Geocaris takes us through a fun exercise using both of your hands to write.

This is based on her signature method that gets right to the core of who we are.

You’ll need two things-- keep an open mind and do not overthink this as you go.

Here's what you do, write down two questions with your dominant hand. So, if you're "right-handed", with that hand you'd write this question:

"What am I ready to let go of in 2017?"

Then switch the pen into your other hand. Use that hand to then answer right away without questioning.

Then switch the pen back to your dominate hand and ask yourself this next question--

"What is my word to focus on for 2017?"

You get that same answer using your "non-dominant" hand.

For a look at what Kerry and her clients came up with on her facebook page:

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