Coaching with Kerry: Why is it so hard to be happy?


Happiness is something we all want, but why is it so hard to have? In today's Coaching with Kerry, our life coach Kerry Geocaris provides us some scientific insight to help us better understand why we struggle and what we can do about it.

"My clients say to me all the time, ‘Why is it so hard to be happy?’ Well, part of the reason is because we are fighting science. Our brains were actually designed for survival and protection, so we're scanning our environment all the time, looking for the threat, the danger and the negative. It's the first thing we see. You can have a day full of positive thoughts and positive moments throughout your day, but what are you going to remember? You're going to remember the negative, or you're going to look for the negative in a situation. So but we can switch this, and our science is showing us that we can change or brains to be more positive through neuroplacisity, but it takes work where we have to really take these positive experiences and imprint them in our brains,” said Geocaris.

Geocaris is teaching you how you can do this yourself with simple exercises you can do throughout the day and they only take seconds. She has a free resource on her website

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