Coaching with Kerry: Why Not? The story of Kevin Mekash

It was a simple question that changed his life.

We met Kevin Mekash awhile back on "Coaching with Kerry". During his transformation journey with our life coach, he began asking himself the question, "Why Not?"

It was a simple phrase that helped him face fears and go after his dreams.

He did it again, and, as we showed you earlier this week, it went viral.

Kevin was born color blind. He decided he was going to achieve his dream of seeing color.

He started a GoFundMe page and his dream came true.

Our life coach, Kerry Geocaris, wanted to share his story in hopes of inspiring you to say Why Not? too.

Kevin will be sharing more of his story and motivating others next week during Kerry's 7-Day Transformation Challenge.

It is a free week of life coaching. To sign-up just visit Kerry's website:

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