Coaching with Kerry: Winter Depression

Many people are feeling the weight of winter.

The most depressing day of the year is coming up next week on January 16th.

It's called Blue Monday.

In today's Coaching with Kerry, our life coach, tells us what can be happening during this time of the year.

"A lot of us are feeling this doom and gloom feeling right now, it's very common. January is a really hard month for a lot of people. Ah, we're recovering from the holiday chaos, ah we probably ate too much, drank too much. We're feeling financial stress. A little bit of overwhelm of getting back to work, um we're missing loved ones. We're not moving our bodies, it's cold. We're staying inside, so there's a lot going on and so it can feel really overwhelming to try to get your new year's resolution and bounce back into health and happiness, which is why we wanted to do the crash course on transformation to help people bounce back in, have that connection, get some coaching and some accountability and start with some really simple steps," said Kerry Geocaris, life coach & motivator.

Kerry is launching a free 7-Day Transformation Crash Course to help you bounce back and transform.

This course will give you an inside look into her signature class. It starts this Sunday.

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