Coaching With Kerry: Working through conflict


Do your children ever have homework that they don't want to do?

Our life coach and motivator Kerry Geocaris tells us why this issue all starts with us.

"I know it's been one of the biggest struggles for me as a parent, and for many of my clients is, asking myself how do I role model and lead and parent in a positive way when I don't always agree with what I have to enforce, so for example, it may be, you know, a rule at school, maybe the coach or the teacher is um requiring something that you may not always agree with, maybe it goes against your values or your belief system, but if you're in strong conflict and have a negative emotion about that you need to tend to your child self first, before tending to your child or trying to help your child, because often times, we have our own unprocessed wounds from the past that we're bringing in to our parenting situation and so we need to look at what is this conflict really about, what does this have to do with me, what did I need in the past that I can give myself now, and then help your child, so you are leading in a more positive way," Geocaris said.

Kerry says she was in conflict over how much homework her children had and not being able to help them.

She found her issues came from her own childhood of not getting a lot of time with her parents after school and struggling in math.

As she worked through this, she was able to turn homework help into a positive and fun experience in her house.

If you want to work on this parenting lesson, you can join next week's study break session and Kerry will take you through it.

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