National Compliment Day: Getting into the habit of saying thank you

National Compliment Day was Tuesday, WSBT 22’s Life Coach, Kerry Geocaris, talked to us about the art and science of complimenting that will encourage you to add more praise in your life.

"So the studies show, that if you receive a compliment your brain actually acts in the same fashion as if someone were handing you money. So this is great information for anyone who is in a leadership role, or a parenting role, or coaching role-- is that you want to add praise and compliment with performance and people will do better, they'll be motivated, they'll be driven.

Also, a giver and a receiver of compliments is building self-esteem so it's a win-win for both, however, it can be very difficult for people to receive compliments.

We've been taught to stay humble, we don't want that attention. There's also a cognitive dissidence that happens where if your self-image, your thoughts about yourself are negative and someone gives you a compliment, it's gonna be harder for you to receive it.

But, you want to get into the habit of saying thank you, and receiving that compliment, because when you don't it's like giving back a gift. You're taking away that person's joy of giving you that compliment, so getting in the habit of really doing it can help you build that self-esteem.

The other thing to try and challenge yourself to do is to start complimenting people based on their character and not their appearance."

For more information about Kerry, go to her website and Facebook Page.

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