Eye on Health: Diet help at IU Health Goshen

Between cookouts and fairs, summer can really put a dent in your diet. In this month's Eye on Health report, you can find extra help at IU Health Goshen.

We caught up with Roger Miller one day before he was set to retire. "My wife and I want to travel, we want to go see the grandkids, and we want to keep up with them," exclaimed Roger.

So two years ago he embarked on a life-changing journey. Back then he weighed 249 pounds and decided to meet with clinical dietitian Justine Miller at IU Health Goshen.

Roger explains, "I met with her approximately every 6 to 8 weeks, and it was extremely good to have someone to talk to and be weighed in and checked, and we went over the food plan. I used an online fitness program that I kept track of all my food."

Justine Miller's focus - to get you healthy, whether it be by losing weight, managing diabetes or helping with food allergies.

She offered this advice:

-At a cookout, choose leaner meat like grilled chicken or fish.

-Don't want to skip out on hot dogs or burgers? Buy leaner ground beef and low fat options at the store.

-For your sides choose fruits and vegetables.

-Instead of sour cream pick non-fat yogurt.

-At the fair and can't resist the funnel cake? Share one instead of devouring it yourself.

And here's another great way to be aware of what you're taking in:

She says, "One thing you can do when you go to a cookout and there's all the variety of food - Instead of getting in the line and just grabbing, scan the items first and then kind of pick the three or four items you want to have. Then, by the end of the aisle, you're not overloading your plate with all the things. You can kind of decide first what to pick before you get in line."

It's advice like this that's made a big difference for Roger. "We had pizza the other day and I was looking at that third piece, and I knew how many hours I would have to ride my bike to get rid of that piece of pizza, so I didn't do it. I just let it sit. That's a big step for me. I couldn't have done that two years ago."

And he believes you can do it too.

He explains, "When I met with her, I didn't feel like I was being given anything I couldn't do. I wasn't be judged. It was pretty open. It's up to you to do it."

Roger says he enjoys life more now, and his family enjoys having him be healthier.

If you'd like information on how to get in contact with a clinical dietitian at IU Health Goshen, click here:

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