Eye on Health: Keeping your heart healthy

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You exercise, you eat right, and you feel good.

You may be safe in assuming your heart is in good shape-- But you may not.

There's a reason why strokes and some heart attacks are called widow makers or silent killers.

Often times, the first indication of a problem is the actual stroke or heart attack itself.

Dr. Peter Kim is a cardiologist at IU Health-Goshen's Heart and Vascular Center.

He says 70 percent of first time heart attacks happen in people considered low risk.

"I had a guy, young 49-year-old who actually did marathons, he had a CT scan for calcium score and it was positive and he ended up getting bypass surgery down the line,” said Dr. Peter Kim, Cardiologist at IU Goshen Helath.

That CT scan for calcium is just one of the types of screenings now available at IU Health Goshen.

That scan, he says, looks for calcium deposits in the heart's arteries to show what type of risk you have for heart attack or stroke.

You can also get a vascular screening that looks at blood flow in other parts of the body, like your legs.

Nurse practioner, Jamie Kamp, says she hears from patients all these screens are simple and painless.

"It's easy in, easy out. There's not a lot of invasiveness involved in any of it,” said Kamp.

The vascular screening is 50 dollars while the echocardiogram screening is 25 dollars.

The doctor recommends a referral for the calcium score CT scan.

IU Health Goshen has community events were many of these screenings are available.

The next is August 20th at the Ligonier Recreation Center.

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