Eye on Health: Well-child visits


Goshen Health is taking a team approach to keep your child healthy.

Pauline Uribe always feels welcomed at Goshen Pediatrics.

They've been with her along the way as her daughter has grown.

Every year she brings her daughter here for a well child visit.

“It actually educates her and gives her information on what she needs to do and not to do,” Uribe said.

A well-child visit is a routine visit, usually once a year, to track your child's development and growth, address any concerns and answer any other questions.

"Early detection and prevention of common illnesses or diseases in adulthood or childhood – the earlier you pick up on it, the better the outcome for the child,” said Goshen Health Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Emily Garber.

Garber says talking about healthy eating and exercise is also a big part of your child's visit.

"We really pair together as a team to help this child grow to their optimal potential and help them along through their life span,” she said.

And you play an important role:

“For children, it's about having a role model,” Garber said. “These changes start at home when the parents participate. And it's small changes – you can't take a family and turn their lifestyle upside down overnight. It's small changes. Eating together as a family. Getting moving together, going out and taking walks. Things like that. And that shows the greatest long term success for a child, to have a healthy diet and exercise pattern."

That is why Uribe makes sure she's also a part of every visit.

"As a parent, it's really important to have the right information for your child's wellbeing,” Uribe said.

Another important visit for your child are those sports physicals. They really pick up in April.

Garber says they're not only a time to check for previous injuries like concussions, but when you go make sure your child learns about ways to prevent future injuries.

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