Moms First: 'Books to the Beat'


Although school is out, learning is still in.

A local author recently published a book that combines movement, music, and reading. More and more scientific research shows that there is a direct link to movement and the mind.

A local expert has written a guide for parents and teachers to help kids explore the fun engage in reading through movement.

Chris Rodda from Elkhart is a mother, grandmother, choreographer, teacher and recently added author to her list.

"The book is basically for teachers, caregivers, parents of young children, and it can be from ages 2 through 8," Rodda said.

Books to the Beat is a program that integrates reading books aloud along with music, dance, games and motor activities.

"When we did the movement activities it was enhancing with the children what they had read. It was helping them remember what had been read to them, and it was making an active learning experience for them," Rodda said.

Books to the Beat contains 30 lessons.

“The activities that are in the book or movement and music, and they are written so that they are easily done by anyone,” Rodda said.

Each lesson begins with a read-aloud of a book then the kids do movement and music activities designed to bring the story to life which encourages language development, retention and comprehension.

"Reading is so important. Read every day to your children. It will give them a love for reading and a love for learning," Rodda said.

Rodda says in her experience sadly sometimes parents forget how to play.

7:44:15 "Get away from the TV, the video games and actually physically interact with your children. You'll start laughing and enjoying each other, and like you said you'll understand your child's world of play," Rodda said.

For more information, visit the author's website.

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