Moms First: Children's film festival this weekend


Children from across Michiana are sharing their voices and vision.

They are taking part in the seventh annual Coastline Children's Film Festival all week long.

Lelsie Sullivan, a curator with the Coastline Children's Film Festival, is screening films across Southwest Michigan and here in Michiana. She says this is the most films they have ever had.

“This year we have 100 films,” Sullivan said. “That's up from 75 or so from last year.”

The films are from all over the world, and 22 of them were made by local students.

“Those are 22 films made by kids in St Joseph, Niles and many, many students this year for the first time from Michigan City,” Sullivan said.

She says during these turbulent times it’s critical that children feel they have a voice.

"Now with iPhones and iPads kids can make films quickly, and they can be beautiful they can be sophisticated, and there’s all sorts of software available,” Sullivan said. “It’s so important for kids to be making movies that have a message."

Many of the films are funny with no message at all, but some deal with serious subjects such as poverty, arranged marriage and race relations.

"Sometimes they are astonished about what they see," Sullivan said.

“The idea about talking about race and belonging and getting along should be the vocabulary these kids get to use,” she said.

The Coastline Children's film festival is free and open to the public.

A full list of all the events happening this weekend screenings is on the festival’s website.

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