Moms First: Do you have what it takes to escape?

It's becoming one of the hottest trends across America and it has now come to Michiana

They’re called Escape Room Experiences.

Locked Up Live is an interactive experience where players have to solve clues to win the game and escape-- no cell phones are allowed inside the rooms so it makes for the perfect family or date night out!

"We can't even imagine the response we have we knew it was going to be popular but not even this popular,” said Co-owner, Jerry Bachman.

Bachman says since its opening in October business is booming!

"People just want to go out and do something different now especially the kids that come we have a lot of college kids that come they are used to playing video games this is a live video game,” he said.

Locked Up Live is an interactive adventure game in which the players must find clues to escapee the room in order to win.

"We have theme based rooms that we lock you up in 60 minutes and you have to figure out the puzzles, riddles, clues and information and try to escape,” Bachman said.

For safety reasons if you need to walk out at any time during the game you can.

"We do have a safety issue in each room and we do have an exit button and you can exit the room at any given time you wish."

Each room has their own game master who is monitoring the room via cameras and will provide clues if needed.

"Some people come in nervous and think things are going to jump out at them this is not a haunted house this is a mind game,” Bachman said.

The cost is $28 a person and there are up to 12 people in a room.

The rooms are actually pretty difficult.

Locked Up Live says they have about a 30-percent success rate.

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