Moms First: Ethos Science Center


"This is my passion yes!" said Elkhart sophomore Sam Anderson.

Anderson says Ethos Science center has been his home away from home.

"Over the last three years, and I have learned a lot about science and technology,” Anderson said. “It’s been a great outlet for STEM learning."

Science comes alive when you walk through the doors at Ethos science center in Elkhart.

Brian 46:43-59 "Focuses on science education K-12,” said Brian Boehler, the organization’s robotics director. “We partner with local schools systems, like Elkhart Community Schools, and our main goal is to get science integrated into the classroom."

Boehler says the non-profit has around 8,000 students that participate in their programs.

"Students are going to create those next level jobs and a lot of those are going to be in science and technology,” said Boehler.

Ethos is helping children learn and love science through programs like Lego League, STEM education, and robotics teams like the two that will soon compete at state.

"We won second place in inspire, is the best award and second place is pretty good I am definitely looking forward to going to state,” said eight grader Nathan Guantano

"Since I am homeschooled, I don't have a lot of social gatherings, and I have learned a lot more of programming since I have joined this, and I really enjoy it,” said sixth grader Cassandra Butler.

Anderson says he plans on making a career in science, and Ethos is to thank for that.

"There’s something for everybody ROVs, chemistry, robotics -- it’s just a growing field, and there’s something to get passionate abvout and there’s so much you can do,” he said.

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