Moms First: Hannah's House partners with Bridge of Hope


Hannah's House is a safe place for young women to live during pregnancy, and recently they have partnered together with another program to provide assistance for women after they have the babies.

The program is called Bridge of Hope, which prevents and ends homelessness for singles mothers with an 80-percent success rate. It's all through the help of trained mentors and church congregations.

Inside homes on a quiet unassuming street, transformations are taking place. Brittany's baby boy is thriving thanks to Hannah's House in Mishawaka.

"At the time I had some issues going on with my family, so I needed a place to stay for me and my son to get to know people and get resources around here," she said.

Hannah's House is the only maternity home in our area, and it is often filled to capacity with seven pregnant women living there at a time.

"Women can come to us at any point in their pregnancy and live here. We help them explore choices, whether to parent or explore adoption, and get ready for any choice they choose," said Hannah's House Executive Director Andrea Popielski.

Popielski says once the babies are born, they partner with a program called Bridge of Hope.

"It is a wonderful program who matches a family headed by a single mom and children with a group of mentoring friends from a local faith community with the support of social workers, support from our agency, with some time-limited rental assistance -- but really work to help them establish housing and financial stability," Popielski said.

Brittany, who is staying in the Killela House, says through the Bridge of Hope program she is working towards a place of her own and now has goals of becoming a nurse.

"What I take from here is that I'm not the only single mom here, and we all go through different stages of life and we can learn from each other," said Brittany.

Hannah's House and Bridge of Hope receive no government funding and are supported primarily by local donors.

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