Moms First: HypnoBirthing gaining popularity


Many moms know all about Lamaze classes, yoga and the Bradley Method, but there's another birthing method that's gaining major popularity across the country and right here in our area.

Instructors say "HypnoBirthing" doesn't completely eliminate all the pain, but it does dramatically reduce the stress and fear of childbirth through visualization and meditation into a state of self-hypnosis.

Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Gisele Bundchen are making HypnoBirthing more mainstream.

Tasha Eizinger is one of more than 1,400 instructors across the country trained to help pregnant women deliver a baby using HypnoBirthing .

"HypnoBirthing is a way to achieve a deep state of relaxation and really learning to trust your body and allow to birth a baby peacefully," Eizinger said.

Eizinger said HypnoBirthing can be used at a hospital or at home.

"The goal a lot of times with HypnoBirthing is to do it medication free and to be able to do it naturally," Eizinger said. "We have some women that maybe want to incorporate some medication, but the women feel so empowered are so in control and its more peaceful."

Eizinger said her own experience using HypnoBirthing to deliver her daughter was stress free.

"I felt really good," Eizinger said. "Some women -- it's so traumatic they are clenching and holding on to the bed rails, and I didn't have that."

Eizinger said using HypnoBirthing techniques like visualization and meditation, which calms the body and the mind, may not be for everyone.

"Finding a birthing method that makes sense, you can always come to a class and just hear what its all about and see it.... or you can google just about anything to find a method that makes sense," Eizinger said.

For more information, check out the Michiana HypnoBirthing Facebook group.

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