Moms First: Local theater inspires kids


As summer winds down, it’s just beginning to heat up at a local theatre.

Premier Arts in Elkhart inspires imagination and creativity throughout the community. A week long focus has been to inspire kids that there's much more to theater than just singing and dancing.

The best of Broadway has come to Elkhart for its sixth year, starring local pint-sized performers.

"It's a week long camp were kids come together for 17 hours and they put on a horse show so it's a very intensive 17 hours of fun for them they come from all over Michiana,” said Craig Gibson, Artistic Director of Premier Arts Theater.

He says the 150 kids that participate in camp leave with much more than stage skills.

"Confidence and communication skills, especially now we text them across the room to be able to actually talk to someone face-to-face and look them in the eye that's probably becoming the most important thing,” he said.

Campers say they love performing. Gibson says the theatre is like one giant team sport.

"We really pride ourselves on creating really good citizens not the next star so there's a great amount of teamwork emphasize and supporting each other,” said Gibson. "Being a part of something bigger than yourself is huge and I think at this camp in our program overall kind of emphasizes that it's not about one person."

The week long camp costs a couple hundred dollars. Some scholarships are given based on economic need.

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