Moms First: Parenting coaching


We all know that parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there.

So what if you had a parenting coach that could make it easier for you and your kids?

Today, in Moms First we meet with a local parenting support specialist who is passionate about helping moms and dads be their best.

Donna Pangburn is a mother, former teacher and certified parenting coach who runs her own business in South Bend called The Pathways To Parenting.

"As parents we have all had issues at times where I'm not sure what to do. What I think I'm doing is right, maybe I just want some support going through it. A lot of times it's just we need more tools are two about different ideas," Pangburn said.

Pangburn does one-to-one problem solving sessions and also hosts free parenting parties.

“So if it's a bunch of young moms, and they have toddlers will do bedtime routines or maybe potty training is an issue so we’ll do 15 to 20 minutes talking about current brain research, talk about things that are helpful, and then we just sit down and relax, and then I can answer other questions from there,” Pangburn said.

With increasing school and social pressure among kids, the statistics show depression and anxiety are on the rise.

“Right now there's a huge need for help with anxiety. We have a lot of anxious children. College age students is somewhere between 48 and 52 percent are on some sort of medication for depression or anxiety,” Pangburn said.

Pangburn believes there's no perfect parent, but there are some perfect tools to use when it comes to parenting.

"I think the goal is to know that there’s support out there for you. There's options out there. We can meet in groups; we can meet one on one, and just know that there's somebody with the ability to give you help now," she said.

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