Plymouth economy to take a huge hit in loss of Bay Valley plant

Bay Valley Foods // WSBT 22

A major business in Plymouth announced that it will be shutting its doors-- the Bay Valley Pickle Plant.

This is going to be a huge hit to the Plymouth economy.

It makes products like pickles, banana peppers and jalapenos.

It employs 150 people throughout Plymouth. But by the end of this year, those jobs will not be around.

Tree House Foods, which operates Bay Valley, isn't only closing the plant in Plymouth. It's closing a facility in Minnesota and Alabama.

In a press release, it blamed the rapidly changing market and the need to produce the best quality at the lowest cost.

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter says not only is this a blow to the employees that work there, but it greatly impacts the city.

He says the Bay Valley plant is the number one customer for the city's waste water plant.

He says it brings in about $1-million a year.

But his main priority is making sure that the 150 employees can bounce back.

"I want the employees out there to know that the city is behind you and we are here to work with you and I’m sure that Bay Valley is as well, they don't want to leave you out cold but we will be working with you,” said Mayor Senter.

He says that the city refers people who are struggling with unemployment to the Work One program.

He also says there's constantly expansion in Plymouth and he's confident that the employees who are going to lose their job will be able to find another one.

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