South Bend bike shop closes after 56 years of business


A South Bend business is closing its doors after nearly six decades.

Dan's Bike Shop on Western Avenue has been family-owned and operated for 56 years.

The owner is 91-years-old. His family says it's time to let the business go.

Over the last several months, people have been coming from all over the Midwest to buy what's left of the bike shop.

As Dan Medich takes one last look, he's reminded of what once was his lifelong business.

"I was fixing bicycles when I was a kid. I was fixing junkers, putting them together and selling them. Then I decided to save whatever I sell and I started buying a few brand new bikes and that's how I got started in the bicycle shop,” said Medich.

At 91, Dan is battling dementia. Though the memories of the store seem to stick around.

"I remember coming to work every day, opening the doors and letting people look at bikes and selling the bikes, taking the old bikes in for repair and just keep it going all day long,” he said.

Dan says he loved to tinker with old bikes and bike parts. His caring heart and giving spirit is something many can't forget.

"One lady came in and told me she wanted a bike for her sixth birthday so bad, but her mom didn't have the money to pay for it. So dad gave her mother, on the honor system, let her make payments as she could so she could give the bike to her daughter on her birthday,” said Medich’s daughter, Karen Morris.

Saying goodbye to 56 years of hard work and doing what he loved.

"They're part of my heart. I started out this big and now I'm this big,” Medich said.

The owner of Bill's Place, a restaurant across the street from the bike shop, bought the property. He wouldn't reveal his plans but says he wants something to better the community.

The Medich family says that's what they're hoping to see.

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